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U.S. Rice Resource Stock Center

Are you interested in rice genetic stocks and genomic resources? If so please read on.

Rice is rapidly becoming established as the model or reference grass plant for genomics research. Three meetings sponsored by NSF have identified a need for a US Rice Resource center (; Buell and Sundaresan Plant Physiology 132: 1137) that would provide access to public materials, including seeds, tissue culture, DNA pools, and libraries as well as comprehensive bioinformatics support.

As a primary or secondary user of rice genetic materials we seek information about your needs for rice information and materials. Please take a few moments to respond to a small survey form. Please open the website and complete the survey now, but not later than November 15. We will report the results in a proposal to the National Science Foundation seeking support to launch the US Rice Genomic Resources Center.

Thank you.
Robin Buell for the
US Rice Resources Working Group (Robin Buell) (Jan Leach) (Susan McCouch) (Cal Qualset) (Pam Ronald) (Neil Rutger) (V. Sundaresan) (Rod Wing)

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