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QTL Data Downloads

We Want Your Data And Input!

We are collecting raw data from QTL experiments and posting them here for community access. If you have any files you'd like to contribute, or have any suggestions, please let us know!

QTL Downloads

Title Authors Link to Pub Data Files
Maize Mapping Project MMP; data files prepared by Y. Fracheboud and formatted by S. Szalma   ibm302info.txt (summary of files)
ibm302map.inp (Rmap input file for IBM 302 populations)
ibm302cross.inp (Rcross input file for IBM 302 populations)
Genetic analysis of cold-tolerance of photosynthesis in maize Y. Fracheboud, C. Jompuk, J. Ribaut, P. Stamp, J. Leipner Article Fracheb1.txt (summary of files)
Fracheb1map.inp (Rmap input file)
Fracheb1cross.inp (Rcross input file)
Drought stress and tropical maize: QTL-by-environment interactions and stability of QTLs across environments for yield components and secondary traits. R. Messmer, Y. Fracheboud, M. Banziger, M. Vargas, P. Stamp, J-M. Ribaut Article Messmer1.txt (summary of files)
Messmer1map.inp (Rmap input file)
Messmer1cross.inp (Rcross input file)

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