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Maize Cytogenetics Data and Resources In MaizeGDB

Cytogenetic Maps and Map Tools | Knobs and Other Loci | Karyotype Images | Cytogenetics Resources | Cytogenetic Stocks | Discussion of Cytogenetics Data for the General Public

Cytogenetic Maps

+ Cytological 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 | Related Tool: Comparisons to Genetic 2005 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
+ FSU Cytogenetic FISH 9
+ Recombination Nodule Maps 1-10 | Related Tool: Morgan2McClintock Translator
+ B Chromosome Fractions | Segments | RAPDs

Knobs and Other Loci

+ Knobs
+ Centromeres
+ Telomeres

Karyotype Images

+ B73 and Mo17
+ 14 Inbred Lines
+ Abnormal Chromosome 10-I

Cytogenetics Resources

+1975 Doctoral Dissertation by Takeo Angel Kato Yamakake, 1975 (Available here with permission of the author)
+ Discussions in Cytogenetics by C. R. Burnham, sixth printing, 1980
+ Translocations and Inversions by A.E. Longley, 1961
+ Nuclear and Chromosomal DNA Amounts by Michael D. Bennett, 1995

Cytogenetics Stocks

+ Abnormal Chromosome 10-I
+ Abnormal Chromosome 10-II
+ Alien Addition Lines and Oat/Maize Radiation Hybrids
+ B/A Translocations
+ B Chromosome
+ Inversions
+ r1-X1 (for generating monosomics and trisomics; see also the full list of deletion stocks)
+ Reciprocal Translocations
+ Oat/Maize Radiation Hybrids (see also
+ Trisomics

Discussion of Cytogenetic Data for the General Public

What is a cytogenetics?

Cytogenetics is the branch of genetics concerned with the physical structure and appearance of chromosomes.

What is the value of storing and studying cytogenetics data?

Maintaining a warehouse of cytogenetics information makes it easier for researchers to find and use relevant data in their experiments to understand the structure and function of chromosomes.

What is the connection between corn and cytogenetic data?

Specific pieces of the corn genome can be studied, increasing our understanding of how the corn plant's genome constitution and organization affects growth and development. We can use the knowledge of what each chromosomal region does to devise methods to improve the corn plant.

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