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COmposite GENotype FInder TOol: Cogenfito
Genotype Browser

COGENFITO facilitates several querying and browsing applications to leverage genotype data sets and publically available lines with immortalized genotypes:

  • Select lines with specific composite genotypes for breeding programs aimed at QTL finemapping and characterization of effects.

  • Browse and/or download genotypic information from isoline populations to assess levels of recombination, missing data, and segregation distortion across genomic regions or genomewide.

  • Identify lines with recombination breakpoints, and the map interval that localizes the recombination event.

  • Visualize the recombination breakpoints that support the genetic order of markers relative to their order in the physical map.

  • Compare map resolution, missing data levels, and marker placement between different genetic maps.

  • Upload your own trait data for isoline populations and view them as a heat-map in tandem with genotypic data.

Select a Genetic Map:

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Upload numerical trait data for this isoline population 

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